3 Best Mother’s Day Gifts from Prime Care Dental Wodonga

by | May 1, 2022 | Mother's Day

Forget the spa services and flowers this Mother’s Day.

Why don’t you throw her a surprise with something she’ll never expect? A trip to the dentist in Wodonga!

Okay, we get that it’s probably not at the top of your gift-giving list, but we believe it should be. But what could be more priceless than a lifetime of strong, healthy teeth?

Now is an excellent time to start considering what kind of gift would be most appropriate for your mother.

Here are a few gift ideas to show how much you love and appreciate one of your favourite person’s smiles.

Get Mum a Treatment!

Give the most precious woman in your life a routine dental check-up and cleaning, or arrange for teeth whitening.

This is the most vital gift idea, and many moms are guilty of overlooking it.

While mothers make time for their children to attend the dentist, it is often at the expense of their dental check-ups.

Moms should make it a point to see their dentist every six months to prioritise their health.

Regular dental visits will benefit them physically, but emphasising the importance of dental cleanliness will also help them.

But if your mum maintains her regular preventive care, that’s fantastic! We also have a variety of cosmetic treatments to help mum achieve her dream smile, such as;

  • Teeth whiteningWith a professional teeth whitening procedure, you can help the mother you care about have a brighter smile.
  • Dental veneersThese are a great way to improve the appearance of teeth that have been damaged by a variety of cosmetic difficulties, such as cracks, chips, stains, and malformed teeth, as well as those with minor misalignments.
  • Dental crownsThis is the ideal solution for restoring the form and function of a tooth while allowing you to live your life regularly and pain-free.

Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are said to be up to twice as effective as manual toothbrushes. They have modern technologies like preset timers and pulsing silicone brushes and customisable features like smaller heads and curved handles.

Electric toothbrushes that can be recharged are practical and popular. Look for a model that has received positive user feedback.

Consider whether your mother might like extra features such as pressure sensors that alert you when brushing too hard or in-handle timers that alert you when two minutes have elapsed.

Because the ordinary person can’t oscillate their toothbrush 20,000 times per minute, an electric toothbrush can help.

This gift could make your mother’s next dental appointment go more smoothly.

Water Flosser

Dentists like the Waterpik flosser because it cleans hard-to-reach nooks between teeth thoroughly and rapidly.

These amazing tiny devices use a powerful and effective amount of water pressure to perform the same functions as traditional flossing but in half the time.

When germs and plaque build up between the teeth, it can cause inflammation and discomfort, necessitating professional assistance.

Flossing is made easy with the Waterpik. It also aids in the removal of yellowish plaque from the outer surfaces of teeth for a bright, healthy smile.

Flossing helps to remove bacteria and buildup from below the gum line, which causes bad breath.

When you give Mom a Waterpik flosser, she will always feel like she just left the dentist’s office.

When she does need to revisit the dentist, she’ll have a more pleasant and relaxing experience because her teeth and gums are cleaner.

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Happy Mother’s Day from Prime Care Dental Wodonga!

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