Denture Care in Wodonga: Best Rules to Follow for Dentures

by | Jun 15, 2022 | Dentures

denture care in wodonga best rules to follow for dentures 1

You may wear dentures if you’ve lost some or all of your permanent teeth.

Complete dentures if you’re missing all of your natural teeth or partial dentures if you’re missing only one or a few teeth. Both types require specific attention.

Here are five golden tips for keeping your dentures in good condition.

#1. Clean them often

Without frequent cleaning, your dentures might potentially house harmful bacteria and tartar, resulting in unattractive stains. Dentures that are not adequately cleaned can irritate your gums or create an infection.

Remove your dentures after each meal and clean them with a soft-bristled denture brush. It’s also a an excellent idea to soak them overnight in a specific denture disinfection solution to clean them and give the soft tissues in your mouth a rest for at least 6 to 8 hours.

#2. Take them off before going to bed and soak them overnight

It’s a good idea to give your mouth and dentures a break during the day. It is an excellent habit to take them out before bed or remove them for at least six hours a day. This also permits the mouth’s tissues to heal.

While they’re out, keep them soaking in warm water if they have metal clasps or in a unique denture cleaner if they don’t.

#3. Handle with care

A denture that has been shattered into a million fragments cannot be saved. Dentures are easily broken, so take care when removing or inserting them. Hold them over a towel when cleaning in case you drop them.

Never use harsh cleansers or rough brushes to clean your dentures, as these can harm the surface. Keep your dentures out of reach of children and dogs.

#4. Determine if you require denture adhesives

Denture adhesives can be utilised if the salivary glands do not produce enough saliva. Typically, a layer of saliva aids in the retention of dentures. On the other hand, dentistry adhesives are not a fix for ill-fitting dentures.

A denture that fits poorly (feels loose or causes discomfort) may need to be relined or changed since it might develop mouth sores.

Denture adhesives, also known as denture adherents, are creams, powders, wafers, or strips used to secure dentures.

According to the manufacturer, clean dentures should be slathered with glue and briefly placed in the mouth. The adhesive also aids in the formation of a seal, which prevents food particles from becoming trapped between the dentures and gums.

To avoid contamination, remove glue from dentures with gentle scrubbing during cleaning.

#5. Remember to see your dentist regularly

Visiting your Wodonga dentist regularly is one of the most significant ways to keep your dentures in good shape. They can diagnose any problems you may be unaware of and resolve minor concerns before they become severe.

By seeing your dentist at least once a year, they will be able to ensure that the health of your entire mouth is in good shape and that your dentures are functioning correctly.

They’ll also provide sound guidance on basic dental hygiene and emphasise the importance of maintaining your dentures, which is always good to hear.

denture care in wodonga best rules to follow for dentures 2

Denture Care at Wodonga

Dentures can help you keep your smile looking fantastic while improving your health and enjoyment of life.

Learning to live with a complete or partial set of dentures might be challenging at times. That’s why there are several precautions you may take to avoid this infection and keep you smiling, eating, and speaking confidently.

Following these tips can assist you in avoiding common oral health issues. If your dentures become too loose and your mouth begins to pain, you should see your Wodonga dentist immediately for a consultation.

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