Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Wear Custom Mouthguards During Active Play

by | Mar 21, 2024 | Mouthguards

Custom mouthguards help prevent damage and injuries from contact sports, which can have long-term effects when worn during active play.

Below are the top reasons for using custom mouthguards while participating in active play.

#1. Prevent concussions

A mouthguard with cushioning between the upper and lower rows of teeth may limit the force that the jaw applies to the skull, which could positively affect the brain and decrease the risk of concussions.

By absorbing and distributing the force of impact during contact sports or other high-impact activities, a properly fitted mouthguard provides an additional layer of protection for athletes.

This reduction in the likelihood of sustaining a concussion is not only beneficial for immediate safety but also for long-term brain health.

Therefore, wearing a mouthguard is a proactive measure athletes can take to safeguard their well-being and reduce the risk of severe head injuries.

#2. Protect against tooth fractures

Mouthguards for sports are specifically designed to safeguard the teeth from potential damage.

During physical activities, facial trauma poses a significant risk to dental health, with teeth susceptible to fractures or even being knocked out entirely.

In such scenarios, mouthguards act as a protective barrier, absorbing and distributing the force of impact to minimise the risk of tooth injuries.

One primary reason for using a mouthguard when participating in sports is to protect teeth against breakage or injury.

Beyond preserving the integrity of the teeth, mouthguards also help maintain the structural stability of the entire dental arch, reducing the likelihood of costly dental treatment to fix or replace damaged teeth.

By investing in a quality mouthguard tailored to fit securely and comfortably, athletes can confidently engage in their chosen sports, knowing their dental health is safeguarded against potential harm.

#3. Protects against soft tissue injuries

The mouth is one of the body’s most delicate organs, comprising intricate networks of nerves, soft tissues, and nerve endings. Severe hits during sports activities can easily irritate these structures, leading to painful injuries and discomfort.

For athletes, especially those using orthodontic devices, mouthguards play a crucial role in safeguarding oral health.

Mouthguards protect delicate oral tissues by acting as barriers between the teeth and the tongue or the teeth and cheek lines. They effectively cushion the impact of collisions, reducing the risk of bruises, scrapes, and other soft tissue injuries.

This minimises immediate pain and discomfort and helps prevent complications such as infection and prolonged healing times.

Investing in a custom mouthguard tailored to individual dental anatomy ensures optimal protection and comfort during high-contact sports.

By prioritising oral health and injury prevention, athletes can confidently engage in their chosen activities, knowing that their delicate oral tissues are well-protected against the rigours of athletic competition.

#4. Protect against tooth displacement

Teeth can sustain significant damage from a direct hit to the face. While it is conceivable to have all of your teeth knocked out, it is also possible for them to become loose, dislodged, cracked, chipped, or otherwise compromised, which could result in further harm.

Custom-made mouthguards play a crucial role in protecting against tooth displacement by serving as a cushion to lessen the force of the hit.

By absorbing and dispersing the impact energy, a properly fitted mouthguard reduces the risk of teeth becoming loose or dislodged during sports activities.

Additionally, the snug fit of a custom mouthguard helps stabilise the teeth and jaws, minimising the risk of displacement even further.

Investing in a quality mouthguard tailored to your dental anatomy provides immediate protection and peace of mind, knowing that your teeth are safeguarded against potential harm on the field or court.

#5. Help prevent neck and jaw injuries

When a mouthguard is used, the risk of lower jaw and neck fractures and bone injuries is decreased. Mouthguards are used to guard against more severe wounds.

Protect your smile against serious injury this footy season by wearing custom mouthguards!

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When participating in contact sports, the most effective technique to protect your smile is to wear a mouthguard.

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